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Color Personalities

Understanding your color personality can:

  • Help one recognize one's personality type and those of others

  • Give one the tools to discuss how to work together as a team

  • Highlight how all members bring different talents to the team


  • Expects quick action

  • Assumes flexibility

  • Works in the here & now

  • Flexible approach

  • Welcomes change

  • Institutes change quickly

  • Expects people to “make it fun”


  • Expects punctuality, order, & loyalty

  • Assumes there is a “right” way to do things

  • Seldom questions tradition

  • Rules oriented

  • Detailed/thorough approach

  • Threatened by change if not proven “right”

  • Prolonged time to initiate any change

  • Expects people to play their roles


  • Expects others to express views

  • Assumes a “family spirit”

  • Works to develop other’s potential

  • Democratic unstructured approach

  • Encourages change by human potential

  • Provides time for development of a sense of security during change

  • Expects people to develop potential


  • Expects intelligence & competence

  • Assumes task relevance

  • Seeks ways to improve system

  • A visionary

  • Analytical approach

  • Encourages change for improvement

  • Constantly “in process” of change

  • Expects people to follow through

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