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  • Q: How many representatives can a school send?
    A: Each school can send up to 2 ambassadors
  • Q: Where will the seminar be held?
    A: The seminar will take place at Troy University in Troy, Alabama.
  • Q: When will the seminar be held?
    A: The seminar will be held May 24 through May 26 (Friday-Sunday). Please keep in mind that you must be present for the entire weekend seminar unless you have been excused by the Leadership Seminar Chairperson.
  • Q: What is the cost to attend HOBY?
    A: The registration fee for the first (primary) ambassador from each school is $325. The fee for all additional ambassadors is $275 prior to December 16. This cost covers all weekend expenses (meals, snacks, lodging, etc.).
  • Q: When is the registration payment due to HOBY?
    A: Payments should be sent to Alabama HOBY 30 days after a student has been nominated. Checks can be made payable to Alabama HOBY and mailed can be submitted online.
  • Q: How many students can I send to HOBY?
    A: Each school can send up to 2 students to Alabama HOBY. The first student is registered as your primary ambassador.
  • Q: What kind of program is planned?
    A: During your HOBY Leadership Seminar, many dynamic leaders—all volunteers from the fields of business, education, government, and other professions—will address aspects of our changing world and the challenges future leaders will confront. The program will not promote any specific political party, religion, or way of thinking; but is designed to develop critical thinking skills by actively involving participants in discussions and informal debate. During the seminar, and after being equipped with the tools necessary, you will be asked to undertake a community service project (or projects) within your own community involving at least 100 hours of service during the year following your seminar. The purpose is to make a difference in your school, community, place of worship, or any other environment where you see a need.
  • Q: What are the accommodations like?
    A: Most of the meetings will be held in Smith Hall on the campus of Troy University in Troy, Alabama. Most meals will be prepared by Troy staff and served in the on-campus dining hall. Everyone will receive breakfast, lunch, dinner, and healthy snacks. Participants will be assigned to on-campus dorm rooms. Dorms are separated by gender and HOBY Ambassadors will stay on floors reserved exclusively for the seminar. While the dorm rooms are fully furnished, you will need to bring the following: bed sheets, blanket, pillow, towels, wash cloths, soap, shampoo, and any other toiletry items.
  • Q: If necessary, how may Ambassadors be contacted during the seminar?
    A: Parents, friends, and family members are discouraged from calling students during the Seminar due to the confusion created when meetings are interrupted. However, Ambassadors are free to use their phones in their dorm rooms at the end of each day. In case of emergency, your parent(s) or guardian may call the Troy University Police at (334) 670-3215, Monday thru Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. All other times please call (334) 670-1999. The Seminar will be chaperoned by qualified male and female adults who will be staying at the facility 24 hours a day.
  • Q: What should I wear at the seminar?
    A: Attire is casual throughout most of the weekend. Shorts, jeans, and skirts are perfectly acceptable for Friday and Saturday. You will be provided a HOBY t-shirt to wear on Saturday. Attire for Sunday is business casual. This typically means a collared shirt and slacks, a dress, or a shirt and skirt.
  • Q: What if I need to take medication while I am at the seminar?
    A: Please provide information about your medication on the Medical History Records Form and bring a doctor’s note with you to the seminar. Make sure to read and comply with HOBY’s Policy for Use of Medication During a HOBY event. Both documents are included with the Pre-Seminar Packet.
  • Q: What transportation arrangements have been made?
    A: You are responsible for transportation to and from the seminar. Ambassadors who drive themselves to HOBY are required to turn in their car keys to HOBY Staff at registration. No Ambassadors should leave campus during the three-day seminar without the Leadership Seminar Chairperson’s permission.
  • Q: What if I am unable to attend the seminar?
    A: If circumstances arise that prevent you from attending the seminar, we would like to give another student the opportunity to attend. Please return these forms to the person at your school who selected you and follow up with an email to the Alabama Leadership Seminar Chairperson (LeighAshton Nuss, at so we may adjust our records and obtain an alternate student from your school to attend the seminar.
  • Q: Whom should I contact with additional questions?
    A: Additional questions or concerns should be directed to LeighAshton Nuss, HOBY Leadership Seminar Chairperson. LeighAshton can be reached by email at ​
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